Saturday, August 25, 2007

back to work

hey everyone,
i am finally back to work. i finished my first week. my schedule goes: monday, wednesday, friday - work, and tuesday, thursday, saturday - Project Walk. thanks to all of you for making my recovery there possible. for work, i take the RAPID 720 bus line all the way into downtown, about 45 min - its easy, and when i go to project walk i commute with another para named joe and his girlfriend. i have held off on finding a place, for right now, and am staying with anna temporarily. i am doing this because i am seriously considering treatment abroad. the story goes: i met a girl named amanda when i was in colorado. when we met she was preparing to travel to india for stem cell therapy. fast forward - it has been over 2 months since my initial conversation with amanda, and she is back home in colorado. it turns out she responded really well to the treatment. in her time there, she experienced the following: full return of bowel and bladder function, movement and sensation in both feet, and the ability to move her left and right hamstring. for 15 1/2 years she had nothing below her waist. i think this is remarkable, and am considering (very carefully) the same treatment for myself. i have been in contact with the doctor, she has just opened her new clinic in new delhi. the doctor makes no guarantees, but is confident because my injury is so recent, that her treatment will enhance my bodies natural healing process. the therapy cost 25,000. i will receive stem cell injections/physical therapy 6 days a week for 2 months, and then will need to return to india for follow up treatment every 2-4 months, for a couple of weeks, for the next two years. the doctor has treated over 300 patients with various disabilities over the past 5 years and had some pretty amazing results. i would like to add that not one patient has experienced any ill side effects from her treatment.
however, the US spinal chord research community is very much against this type of treatment for many reasons, but mainly because it is unregulated, lacks any history of testing, and is without accountability. however, i have been unsuccessful in finding any treatment, or even a solid time line for future treatment in the US that would focus on repairing my spinal chord. so, i have been reading every article i can find, and talking with amanda in detail about the clinic. i am still undecided.
my reality is that i have not yet accepted my condition and am frustrated daily by my clumsy wheel chair lifestyle. still, i have met some really accomplished, athletic and determined people who are in chairs, some better, some worse off than me. for sure an inspirational group who make it much easier for me to have a positive outlook on life. and i am beginning to focus, seeing the things that really matter. i have no expectations for great returns in india, but that's OK because whatever the outcome i am sure to arrive on the other side of this experience, even if its sitting in a chair, with a smile on my face.
that is because thru this entire experience i have been fortunate to have a really great group of family and friends by my side ready, without any hesitation, to offer whatever they have, in a constant effort to make my life easier. thank you a thousand times for your generous donations , your homemade therapy devices, your arms lifting me in and out of the water, your care for my arthritic pup, your meaningful advice and your company when i need it the most.

if you would like to learn more about the doctor in india. her name is dr. geeta shroff. you can look her up online or just contact me and i will forward her info. please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or suggestions. i look forward to hearing from you.

i would appreciate any info regarding stem cell treatment. however, i am not interested in information outlining US protocals or clinical trial guidelines. i have a mountain of this info. the reality is, i am not eligible for a clinical trial right now, and at the rate the medical community is moving in regards to stem cell research it will be at least 5-10 years before there is this type of treatment available in the US. all info can be sent to, and if you are interested in looking at the info compiled the password is bruno123.


rita haudenschild said...

it is great to be sharing this information with everyone + see what knowledge other people have. as always, you are a true inspiration in every way + so is your partner in crime.
i love you both,

bill wagner said...
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bill wagner said...

wow man, thanks for sharing. i support you for sure.

Anna Haudenschild said...

Your incredible strength, bravery and attitude has been so inspirational, you are truly amazing. You endure storm of daunting tasks that have become your daily routine, along with so many other duties, all the while wistling with a smile.

You are faced with some really scary desisons that can have an enormous impact in your life. You and your friends have been doing an excellent job finding information that will allow you to make the best choice possible. These are choices that no one should ever have to make or even consider, I stand by you no matter what you do.

If india is where you are going, thats where I'll be.

I love you,