Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hello everyone,
I will warn you this letter jumps around, and at times is probably hard to follow, but it’s important to let you all know how I am doing. First of all, I never stop thinking about everyone’s support. Knowing you are on my side truly makes life better.
A lot has happened since my last newsletter. I am finally, back in Los Angeles. I returned to continue therapy at Project Walk. The therapy is going great. The trainers are telling me that my hip flexors are considerably stronger then before. I’m chalking that up to all of the walks I took in India. Each step took quite a bit of effort, and I relied mostly on my hips to get each foot off the ground. That’s great - I’ll take what I can get, but I’m much more interested in progressing in a way that will allow me to use leg muscles for each step – leading into more good news out of PW. Apparently, when I was doing side line hip flexion and extensions the trainer could feel my quads firing and making an effort to pull my knee to my chest and then push it away again. The exercises allow me to try making a leg bending movement while lying on my side; that’s easier for me, because I am competing less with gravity. Hopefully, I can continue to work on this, and eventually muscle my knee into bending and rising for steps. Also, my balance has greatly improved. I think this is just a default condition of sitting all the time; relying on my abdominal area to keep me upright. So, it’s all good, as far as my therapy goes. I am considering buying new leg braces, because the braces from India are difficult to put on properly. Most of the time, they twist my legs in or out, making my steps even more difficult. Plus, they do not break at the knee. If I am to improve on my steps, I will need to bend my knee.
I am living near Eagle Rock, in a friendly neighborhood north and a little east of downtown LA. The house I am living in belongs to my friend Sameena. I got to know her about six years back when we both designed and built furniture for a children’s room at a battered woman’s clinic in Compton, California. She is very talented and I am fortunate to have her as a roommate. Sameena’s house is all one level, but it steps up about 24" at the front patio. To make it work, I needed to build a ramp at the front of the house. My friend Tony went with me to Home Depot to help load the material. Tony tried to get me to buy enough material to make the ramp somewhere around 32’ long. That would have been crazy…. although, it would have made the daily climb pretty easy. Anyway, we delivered the material, and I began building the next morning. The ramp took two days to complete. I broke the ramp into three sections. So, working on it would be much easier. I built each part of the ramp in the street. The house next door was having some minor repair work done on its foundation, and the guys doing the work were nice enough to carry two of the bigger frames up to the front of the house and place them into position. Afterwards, they bought me an ice cream cone. I’m pretty sure it was some kind of payment for entertaining them with my wheelchair-bound-building performance. On the second day, another friend, Skylar, stopped by in the evening and put the last frame in place. Skylar’s great, he also helped cut and set the top sheets for each frame. You can check out the ramp in the pic above. The whole process made me feel more confident about my abilities. I am determined to not let this chair handicap me.

Shortly, after getting moved in, it was time for me to leave again. This was not hard for me to do, because I haven’t had a whole lot of stuff to pack since the accident. It was the first week of February and time for my re-evaluation at Craig Hospital. But, before returning to Colorado, I went home to Kansas to help my family butcher hogs. They do it every year, and it’s always been important to me to help. Although, my role in the process has changed I think I was of some use to them. Mostly, because my dad built a standing frame for me, and customized it with a shiny cutting surface that slides on rails. If you look close at the picture above you will see me standing and cutting in the background – more importantly, check out the fresh cut and stacked pork cutlets in the foreground…pretty sweet. This year was extra special, because some of the pork was set aside for people who had the winning bids on an online auction, conceived and organized by Rita Haudenschild. Thanks again Rita, you are unbelievable. We finished up on Sunday and my brother Tim, and his son Brennan, drove all night to get me to my appointment in Colorado on time. Then, he immediately drove back to Kansas. Tim did about 16 hours of driving in 24 hours.
All in all, the re-evaluation went pretty well. The doctor and therapist seemed to be fine with my new abilities and general health. In the end, the visit was just a chance for them to reinforce the advice given six months before, and for me to ask a lot of new questions.
So now, I am back in Los Angeles, again.
Los Angeles has never been a bike friendly city; even for an able body. I sold my truck just before my last two semesters of Architectural School to guarantee the funds to finish. Consequences, that left me commuting LA’s streets on my speedy, yellow Cannondale – oh, how I miss riding that bike. On that bike, I had bottles thrown at me, was chased by thugs, grabbed by passengers hanging out car windows, head-butted by pigeons, run off the road by bus drivers, and even hit by cars - one time the loser, literally, lost consciousness and three teeth; one time the winner, taking the mirror from his car door as a trophy. That as my yardstick, I can imagine the trouble that would find me if I tried to get around these streets on a hand-bike. Hand-bikes are extremely low to the ground, which is compensated for by a pretty embarrassing flag pole on the back of the bike. This means without the flag, the average LA driver would unknowingly mow me down while texting their friends about how hot the Latte they’re holding, in the other hand, is. And, with the flag, the average LA commuter would probably knowingly run me down, while texting LOL over and over to their friends about my silly, but sensible, orange flag. So, for sure the hand bike is trouble for anyone who dare ride it on the streets of LA. However, the great thing about LA is it has a network of canals and abandoned railway corridors that bisect the city. I have always had my eye on them as car-free commuting arteries. They reach out into just about every community. I am trying to find a map of them. Then, it’s only a matter of getting through the fence.

What re-sparked this stream of thought was riding in the 14th Annual Acura Bike LA ride early last Sunday morning. My friend Joe, who I sometimes carpool with to Carlsbad, turned me onto the event. That’s Joe and his crew in the picture below - to the left of me is John the animal who left me in the dust. I was out of bed at 2:30am to prepare, and rolling into the starting area around 5:30am. Even more incredible then being surrounded by 11,000 bike riders in Los Angeles was running smack dab into my friend John who I met while undergoing rehabilitation at Craig Hospital. John drove out from Colorado just to do the ride. I rode with him for about the first 8 miles, but that must have been so we could catch up, because going into mile 9 he turned it on and left me very far behind. In the end, the day was a success, because I was once again riding the streets of LA. It reminded me of what it feels like. You’re hyper-aware of everything around when you’re not surrounded by glass and weighed down by the need to weave through a constant line of cars ahead of you. You can sense the thresholds of each community; like seeing a graffiti layered parking lot wall at a Korean Methodist Church and knowing I am somewhere just east of Mid Wilshire, or hearing TuPac pumping from behind the bars of an apartment window and realizing I am somewhere near South Central’s edge, or smelling the early morning aroma of pastries from another Panaderia and knowing that I am over the river and pedaling thru East LA, or feeling the burn in my arms as I climb another hill just west of Downtown and recognizing during the ascent and descent the contour driven division between the upper and lower class. All in all it was a good day.
I want to end this letter with mention of my Aunt Kathy. Earlier this week she passed away. Her children were there for her continuously during her last days. I can imagine that their presence must have brought her much comfort. I remember the last time I saw Kathy. It had been awhile since we had seen each other, and she cried, because my injury made her sad. It was very touching. Her tears, in a way, let me know she understood some of my pain. I bring this up because, now, when I think back to that moment and remember her sadness, it is like she’s holding my hand. Life can be very fragile at times and seem hopeless. Still, life has to be lived. So, it is important we remember that everyone is in it together – hopefully hand in hand.
Thanks again,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bike ride.

Hey everyone,

Earlier this month I did a bike ride, as part of the LA marathon. The t-shirt design was done by Rita (along with help from Tom Z. and Makoto M.) for that ride. Anna and Rita wanted to organize the ride and turn it into an event that would benefit my recovery process. Anyway, I am sorry that it didn't work out. However, I don't want their remarkable effort to go unnoticed. Be sure and click on the image the design has a lot of detail.
Thank you very much.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello everyone,
I finally made it back and thru the holiday season. I finished strong in India and brought back some great skills, both in my chair and on my feet. I tried very hard to get the proper technique down for taking steps using forearm crutches. They are pretty difficult to use because there is a lot to resolve with each step. Over which leg is the weight of my upper body, which foot is in front of the other, where is each crutch relative to each foot, do I have gum in my mouth. Starting is the hardest part, but once I get started and into a rhythm I can move pretty fast, but the faster I go the harder it is to control my momentum and thus more of an opportunity to come crashing down. I plan to practice with my new-to-me-$20-craigslist -forearm crutches. I bought them from a man who used them for walking, but sadly his condition is getting worse and he relies on a chair more and more. I am hoping my story will be opposite his and I will someday list my chair on craigslist.

Rocky came over to India to help me travel home. We brainstormed every other hour the idea of how to get far enough north just to catch a trace, maybe just a distant silouhette of the Himalayas. But, in the end, we settled for going to a market in Delhi that featured some crafts from that region. Rocky was great and everyone at the hospital really took to him. In his short time in India he made many friends. Rocky was also a great travel companion. Maybe he anticipated that I would have a lot of luggage coming back because he decided to make the trip over with one middle school sized, book bag style backpack. It seemed to work OK for him until the speed of the world unexpectedly switched into slow motion just before he opened his well shook, very full bottle of Coke over his only pair of jeans and shirt. It was funny....to me.

Anyway, its great to be back. I am regularly attending Project Walk again. That has helped my moral considerably, because I am noticing my improved balance and upper body control of my legs. I am stronger. Next for me is to get back to work - again, and practice, practice with my crutches.

Happy New Year,

Thursday, December 20, 2007


this is what the chris oberle blog site looks like translated through the internets....coooooool....have an awesome holiday + a happy happy new year all!!!!!!!!

with love, rita

Thursday, December 13, 2007

amazing SNOWBOARD donation!

This brand new bad A$$ 2008 Burton Vapor 159 snowboard described as A SHRED STICK OF SUPERNATURAL POWERS” was generously donated by Burton through Chris' great friend, WAIDE. The board was auctioned on eBay + was a great success, making $680 in support of Chris, how totally awesome!!!!!!! Thank you to Waide for this amazing donation, such a great idea + what a totally lucky person who will be enjoying this spectacular board.

all my best, rita

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Extremely proud- not surprised

Chris it was great watching you walk- totally amazing, and we would like to thank Anna for filming such an awesome sight!!! Of course Chris, as your family, we are always proud of you. You never cease to amaze us with your hard work and strong will to overcome any obstacle that might come your way. Everyone is looking forward to having you home for Christmas!!! As you know Chris you are always in all our prayers.
Love Your Family,
Dad, Mom, Monty, Roe, Tim, Shawna, Eric & Carman

Thursday, December 6, 2007


So amazingly good to see you do those swanky moves Chris! You are such a champ!!!!
Keep it up and I am sure we will all do swings at your fourwheelfriend pretty soon.
Miriam, Filippa, Elise and Ry all send their warm thoughts your way. I hope you get to move back soon and into your sweet jucuzzi with a bunch of friends, I like that idea! Wonder where it will be...Silverlake? Downtown? I can see tha blinking lights from the disco jacuzzi with 8 dirty architects drinking SamAdams.

with a lot of energy and love.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

BID NOW on BURTON Vapor 159 Snowboard

2008 Burton Vapor 159 snowboard
Retail value is $1,000.00 + TAX!!!
bidding closes this SUNDAY, DEC. 9!!!

This brand new 2008 Burton Vapor 159 snowboard has generously been donated by Burton through Chris' great friend, Waide. It is still in the factory Vapor sleeve with all the paperwork. If you are not already up on the how bad A$$ this board is you might want to take the time and check out the specs below. The peel off sticker on the top sheet might give you a clue:
This board features the very limited gold edition top sheet. Retail value is $1,000.00 + TAX!!! Good luck bidding and Happy Holidays! This board was generously donated to the Team Oberle fund. All proceeds from the sale of this board will go directly to Chris

If your board weighed nothing, would riding become effortless? Would anything you imagine suddenly seem possible? Would you become so light that you could float above, rather than on the snow? The most technologically refined snowboard on earth, the Vapor™ erases the line between mind and mountain, allowing you to ride any terrain with more control and ability than ever before.

-New Vaporskin carbon-Drops weight, adds snap.
-Vaportech Alumafly core.
-New sintered N20 WFO base.
-Twin-like shape.

Burton: Vapor Snowboard - While Burton's Vapor snowboard has always been their lightest expert all-terrain board, this season the company kicked up the performance by replacing the former fiberglass components with a new VaporSkin Carbon that improves the snap and durability while shaving away unwanted ounces. You'll also appreciate the new speed of the Sintered N20 WFO Base, the fastest Burton base that won't demand extra care and performance waxes at the end of every snow day. The Sintered N20 WFO Base has a dual temperature wax impregnation process that holds wax better than previous base formulas. The Vapor retains Burton's proven Vaportech construction, a process that lightens everything--sidewalls, topsheet and resins--without compromising essential hardcore all-terrain durability. The Vaporskin topsheet membrane further reduces the weight while enhancing the overall feel for precision performance. Burton considers the Vapor at its best on groomed runs, but you'll also find exceptional potential in the halfpipe and park. Last season Burton added a range of sizes for more riders, and this season you'll find a new 150-cm. length--the shortest board in the Vapor line. While the Vapor comes in a 163-cm. wide version, we found that burly riders don't enjoy the same sort of pop and air as the lighter riders. If you weigh less than 200 lbs., it's a pretty safe bet that you can count on plenty of frequent flier miles.

Friday, November 30, 2007

slow walking

its been sometime since i added to the blog. i am finally taking steps. i have a pair of leg braces that keep my knees from buckling when i put weight over each leg. i am able to lift each foot by using my obiques and the muscles that run down the side of my back. it is difficult and my right leg is much easier to lift than my left. but hopefully in time they will be equal and require less effort to move. in the beginning, the trainers had me use a walker to take steps, but now i am using hand crutches. they are unstable, but if i can master them, they will be much more versatile. maybe in time i can learn how to take steps with ski poles - that would be pretty great.
i am looking forward to getting out of therapy and back to my life. i should be able to return, again, to work as soon as the 26th of dec. so, i am looking for a place. then, soon, i hope to begin the modifications to my home - nothing substantial. the necessary parts will include a ramp at the front deck, an accessible bathroom, wider doorways, lower storage for the kitchen, and an eight-person jaccuzzi tub for the front deck with built in stereo and cooler.
i am looking forward to winter and am curious how my chair will do in the snow and ice. should require some new skills. i am close to mastering getting up and down curbs and some short stairs. also i can descend long stairs pretty easily as long as there is one handrail. for sure, my chair has received quite a few new dents and scrapes. i hope it last me the seven years that the insurance companies require before allowing funds for a new one. i am trying to find a cheap, beater chair for doing everyday chores. in the meanwhile, i just need to be alittle more careful. and, who knows maybe researchers will discover that, so far, elusive procedure for repairing spinal chords. and we will have a huge fairwell party for my chair, where everyone gets three swings at my four-wheeled friend. you will all be invited.
best, chris.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jaw Dropping

You really take my breath away. Please check out this video. It shows Chris' victory, that we all share. Chris worked long and hard to get to this point, it takes all of his concentration and the use of his upper body to access any movement from his lower body. He practices every chance he gets and has far surpassed the expectations of his doctors in India.

We are all so proud of you CHRIS!!!

Much love,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fabulous Pretty Sally Wine offer in support of CHRIS!!

in preparation of the great holidays to come,
i wanted to share with you this absolutely brilliant idea + wonderful offer in support of CHRIS OBERLE this holiday + for years to come! this is a great gift for you, your family or friends for the holidays + even in the new year! i have personally tasted their wines + they are truly excellent (see wine critics reviews below). ALL orders will directly support Chris!

Rosalie + Dan Cornew, importers + partners of the Pretty Sally Vineyard, a premium Australian winery near Melbourne, first formed a friendship with Chris through an architecture project he did for them in Tahoe. They have generously donated their wine in the past 2 auctions in support of Chris + the overwhelming success of their wines items gave them the idea to create "CHRIS' CELLAR"...where EVERYONE who orders is a winner!

**Dan and Rosalie will contribute 20% of the wine purchased by Chris' extended community of family + friends towards a fund to help Chris finance his recovery through "Chris' Cellar".**

TO ORDER, simply fill out the special order form posted on their Pretty Sally website:
from the Home page, click "Where to Buy "
Make sure to use the Promotion code "OBERLE" to access this special order form.

*shipping UPS takes from 1-2 weeks going ground + in California it takes 1-2 days going ground!
The Pretty Sally wines have garnered the attention of wine critics, as they are a great example of the "cool climate style" of Australian wines. They are very much Australian in that they have strong berry fruit but also have the finesse, silkiness and additional aromas + flavors found in Southern French wines.

Below are some of the reviews their wines have been awarded, most notably by Stephan Tanzer, from International Wine Cellars, highly respected among wine buyers for being impartial + very critical:

2007 Pretty Sally Estate Sauvignon Blanc
"Greenish straw. Energetic, anise-accented pear, green apple and peach aromas offer verve and depth. Light in body, with gentle but insistent acidity; the fresh citrus and pit fruit
flavors are subtly complemented by herbs and talc-y-minerals. more fruity than herbal and utterly delicious. "90 pts. IWC Tanzer.

2006 Pretty Sally Estate Rose
Orange-pink. Ripe raspberry and cherry aromas are complicated by an exotic peach accent. Plush, round and slightly sweet, offering a creamy array of red berry and pit fruit flavors. A riper, fleshier style of rose, finishing with sweet red fruits and good length. More a food than aperitif style. 88 pts IWC Tanzer, 87pts Wine Spectator. "This is a terrific pink..."Leslie Sbrocco

2004 Pretty Sally Cabernet Shiraz
"Bright ruby. Youthful, focused nose offers cherry, red currant, rhubarb and candied licorice. Firm, juicy and complex, offering a striking blend of red and dark berry fruits accented by bitter chocolate and minerals Finishes with good length and sweetness...90 Pts: IWC Tanzer".

2003 Pretty Sally Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($21)
Dark red. Rich, spicy cherry on the nose, along with dark chocolate, vanilla and oak accents. The flavors are of dark berry and oak-spicy notes of pepper and clove. Has a well balanced structure with a very strong finish. Tannins are ripe and well integrated. 90pts/Exceptional,Gold Medal: BTI. Leslie Sbrocco 90 pts.

2004 Pretty Sally Estate Shiraz
"Ruby-red. Smoky aromas of fresh blackberry, cassis and candied cherry lifted by sweet licorice and bright minerality. The flavors offer a compelling combination of power and focus; raspberry and blackberry notes build and sweeten through the finish but there's also juicy quality providing focus and vivacity. Finishes supple and sweet, with lingering flavors of dark fruit liqueur. A rather graceful style of shiraz, with impressive concentration...91 pts: IWC Tanzer". "Crisp acid and a simply amazing structure; not to be
missed...Exceptional: Dan Berger".
we welcome any + all ideas or collaborations in support of Chris! Thanks for checking this out, mmm mmm vino. please let me know if you have any questions.

with love, rita

Sunday, November 11, 2007

ok well these are the pumpkins that the kids carved for halloween. joseph carved the von dutch skull one and the mustang emblem, madison did the scary lady face, brennan did the lil devil one and gunner did the pirate skull. they had fun doing them and they turned out pretty good. ok now the pics of the eclipse, well it looks as though josephs problems aren't quite over with cars :o) he called home friday night and said "i think we need to look for another car" I didn't know what he was getting at... i thought he had found some viper or something that he was joking about getting but then he said "i got hit" and of course with joseph you don't know if that is going to be followed up with "just joking, do ya have some money i'm hungry." but he wasn't joking, a guy ran a red light and plowed into the eclipse from the front bumper all the way to the back bumper, so it looks like its going to be totaled. he and the girl that was with him had just left starbucks and hot apple cider went all over the inside of the car and in josephs hair. so now it looks like we are going car shopping for the second time this year but this time for brennan, joseph is just going to have to pull out the mustang and drive it. we enjoyed the email you sent and hope to hear from you soon
tim and shawna oberle

Monday, October 8, 2007

Drum roll please…………

together with the amazing donations + fierce contributing bids, we collectively raised $20,000 for Chris!!!!!

to the elite group of DONORS + BIDDERS, THANK YOU!!!

There were spectacular auction items + the bidding was fierce, some of you were true champions (you know who you are!) + you can still visit the site to see how everything went down! www.chrisoberleauction.blogspot.com

Thank you all SO very much for your enthusiasm + heart, it was such a great success + I hope you all had as much fun as I did watching it all happen. It is truly amazing + Chris is beside himself with the outpouring of love + support to make a little of the impossible seem possible.

Please stay in touch with chris through this blog, where we will try + keep everyone up to date on where he is + what he's up to + any hopefully FUTURE EVENTS of all sizes, near + far! Your bids are what have made the next few months possible. Keep in touch!!

On behalf of chris + myself, I thank you again + again + again......

With overwhelming gratitude + love in my heart,

P.S. a special shout out to all our fabulous donors: inSite, Quint Contemporary Art, Estudio Teddy Cruz, Jordan Crandall, Geoff Mcfetridge, GAIA Day Spa, jetBlue, Caleb Siemon Glass, Equinox Fitness Center, lee + mundwiler architects, OCMA, Trina Turk, LAXART, barbara bestor architecture, Love the Belly, notNeutral, Bernini's Bistro, Stuart Collection UCSD, LACMA, Active skate gear, shukai studio, NBC Universal, Benito Villanueva, Stephan Mundwiler, Michael Krichman + Carmen Cuenca, Lilly Mayback, Rosalie + Dan Cornew, Maria Siani, Lisa Tan, Balz Mueller, Jon Grant (Turley Wines), Sheila Burns, Mario Ybarra Jr., Lee + Stuart Posnock, Katherine Zabloudil, Les Lackman, Oberle Family + Joe Fleischer

Monday, September 24, 2007



ITS THE FINAL STRETCH OF THE AUCTION, please click on the link to the right or below:
thank you to all of you that have given your heart through spectacular donations + fabulous bids! keep them coming, every dollar counts, you have been amazing!!


i will check back to let you all know the grand total of everyone's support!!!

with love,

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Going going...

Not gone yet! What incredible donations everyone has made!! Its so great to see how everyone wants to help Chris out however possible. Thank you!! Our fabulous auctioneer, Rita has put together a website -
- if you haven't checked it out you should. So much really great stuff, but hurry its all over by 8pm on the 26th of September. BID, BID, BID!!

I also heard there was a garage sale put on by an old friend from tahoe, Wendy Mohr. Is that right, did you raise $3600? Tell us about it!

As for the gossip on Chris, he has been working non-stop for the last month. He has been spending his days hard at work in the office and when he's not there he's commuting down to Project Walk for his three times weekly visits. Also, up until two days ago, he spent all the rest of his free time studying for his oral architecture exam.

Now that his oral exam is out of the way, Chris has a bit of room to breathe. He is really devoted to understanding what the possibilities are as far as treatments for his condition. Its a lot of work and scary decision making, but he is doing a fabulous job.

Chris brother and sister, (Monty and Carmen) are coming to visit him in LA tomorrow (friday)!! I know Chris is going to be so happy to see them. He has all kinds of plans for them while they are here, including doing a workout with him at Project Walk. Then Chris' mom comes out the week after!!! How great!

Hope to see everyone soon,

Sunday, August 26, 2007

San Francisco!

Chris and I went to SF to visit friends for celebration time! So fun!

North Beach Jazz fest.

Our hostess with the mostess, Chantal.

Yummy farewell dinner.

Tahoe Dreaming

Chris and I spent some real quality time in lake tahoe a couple weeks back. Chris' heart lives in tahoe and so do many of Chris' incredible friends.

Music and Bbqing in kings beach.

Truckee music and dancing, that means mostly eating for me.

Sunset swimming at whale beach.

Its great to be back in LA, but I already miss so many good times we had. Swimming at the boat dock with the doggies and friends, kayaking, bbqing, trails, dinner parties, and games. Also I keep expecting that everyone is going to keep showing up to check out snacks in the kitchen and help carry Chris up the stairs. All of the fun and friends has really helped to fill our souls with happiness. Missing you!

Back in LA so many more fun times and great friends await! Chris, you are really loved by so many beautiful people. Looking forward to spending time with everyone! I will be out of town off and on till Sept 12. Chris will be working hard, going to Project Walk and hoping to spend time with you.

Best to everyone,

Weekend Getaway

What a fun San Diego weekend! Rocky and Kim are such fabulous people always there to make sure Chris is on track with such positive energy and devotion.

Thank you for everything, Anna

Saturday, August 25, 2007

back to work

hey everyone,
i am finally back to work. i finished my first week. my schedule goes: monday, wednesday, friday - work, and tuesday, thursday, saturday - Project Walk. thanks to all of you for making my recovery there possible. for work, i take the RAPID 720 bus line all the way into downtown, about 45 min - its easy, and when i go to project walk i commute with another para named joe and his girlfriend. i have held off on finding a place, for right now, and am staying with anna temporarily. i am doing this because i am seriously considering treatment abroad. the story goes: i met a girl named amanda when i was in colorado. when we met she was preparing to travel to india for stem cell therapy. fast forward - it has been over 2 months since my initial conversation with amanda, and she is back home in colorado. it turns out she responded really well to the treatment. in her time there, she experienced the following: full return of bowel and bladder function, movement and sensation in both feet, and the ability to move her left and right hamstring. for 15 1/2 years she had nothing below her waist. i think this is remarkable, and am considering (very carefully) the same treatment for myself. i have been in contact with the doctor, she has just opened her new clinic in new delhi. the doctor makes no guarantees, but is confident because my injury is so recent, that her treatment will enhance my bodies natural healing process. the therapy cost 25,000. i will receive stem cell injections/physical therapy 6 days a week for 2 months, and then will need to return to india for follow up treatment every 2-4 months, for a couple of weeks, for the next two years. the doctor has treated over 300 patients with various disabilities over the past 5 years and had some pretty amazing results. i would like to add that not one patient has experienced any ill side effects from her treatment.
however, the US spinal chord research community is very much against this type of treatment for many reasons, but mainly because it is unregulated, lacks any history of testing, and is without accountability. however, i have been unsuccessful in finding any treatment, or even a solid time line for future treatment in the US that would focus on repairing my spinal chord. so, i have been reading every article i can find, and talking with amanda in detail about the clinic. i am still undecided.
my reality is that i have not yet accepted my condition and am frustrated daily by my clumsy wheel chair lifestyle. still, i have met some really accomplished, athletic and determined people who are in chairs, some better, some worse off than me. for sure an inspirational group who make it much easier for me to have a positive outlook on life. and i am beginning to focus, seeing the things that really matter. i have no expectations for great returns in india, but that's OK because whatever the outcome i am sure to arrive on the other side of this experience, even if its sitting in a chair, with a smile on my face.
that is because thru this entire experience i have been fortunate to have a really great group of family and friends by my side ready, without any hesitation, to offer whatever they have, in a constant effort to make my life easier. thank you a thousand times for your generous donations , your homemade therapy devices, your arms lifting me in and out of the water, your care for my arthritic pup, your meaningful advice and your company when i need it the most.

if you would like to learn more about the doctor in india. her name is dr. geeta shroff. you can look her up online or just contact me and i will forward her info. please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or suggestions. i look forward to hearing from you.

i would appreciate any info regarding stem cell treatment. however, i am not interested in information outlining US protocals or clinical trial guidelines. i have a mountain of this info. the reality is, i am not eligible for a clinical trial right now, and at the rate the medical community is moving in regards to stem cell research it will be at least 5-10 years before there is this type of treatment available in the US. all info can be sent to coberledata@gmail.com, and if you are interested in looking at the info compiled the password is bruno123.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

back in LA?

hi chris and anna! are you two back in town? hit me up!


Well here they are pictures of Boss, Joseph's new dog.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well it's been a while since we posted anything on here. I didn't get to talk to you when you called the other night, Tim just said good-bye and hung up!! Oh well, I suppose you heard that Joseph has a new dog, I know you were against it but you should know that I don't listen very well. So we have a little 4 pound yorkie that is Madison's, so what would be a good dog to get for Joseph... hmmmm oh how about an alaskan malamute!!! I must have been half asleep when I agreed to this... you know how kids are they wait for their parents to doze off then ask them questions! but seriously he is a good dog, he's just really playful cuz he's a puppy. Joseph named him Boss... after the Boss 302.I will post pictures this week of him for you. The kids are starting back to school this week, madison to jr. college and joseph will be taking collision and repair and drafting at hutch high!! brennan has to get back on a normal schedule... he sleeps during the day and is up at night... gunner just says he hopes he doesn't have the nun for his teacher :o) she is nice, I think it's just him not wanting to go back to school. well like i said i will post pics later.... take care and hope to talk to ya next time you call :o)


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

muscle beach cheer

like billy mentioned, we all went out to venice beach for some sun, swim + a powerlifting competition at muscle beach (we watched our dad compete) + had a great time!! chris loved being in the ocean, as we all did, there's nothing like hanging out with great friends + having an awesome picnic on the beach, what a spread it was! looking forward to going to the beach again when we're all in town. so much fun!!!!
with love,

Monday, July 30, 2007

Surf Team News

Chris came out to Venice Beach on Saturday, July 21. We spent the whole day at the beach and also enjoyed a power lifting contest at Muscle Beach. Kipling, Rita, Anna, and I were stoked to join Chris for a swim in the ocean that day. It was sweet for him to get back into the surf and feel the power of the ocean for the first time since the accident. He really enjoyed himself and I was so happy to be there to witness the big smile on his face when he surfaced after a wave broke right on his head.

So far, the Surf Team has $320 a month ready to go, with more pledges hopefully on the way! The organizers would like to start payments by August 1st, so if you're signed up, please make your first payment. Our surf team is shaping up to be a powerful super-team, an 'uber-team for oberle'. If more of us chip in, we will make an even bigger difference in helping fund Chris' recovery program.

Chris is looking forward to getting back into the water very soon. I will keep you updated! I'm looking into locating the right personal flotation device for him. Chris is in touch with some amazing athletes and he is learning about the possibilities of taking a surf kayak or surf board into the ocean in the future... more on that soon. He'll be ripping the waves before you know it!

If you haven't signed up and would like to chip in, please let me know how much you can pledge and make a first payment. Every donation helps, however small! If you’d like to talk story, shoot me an email.

I'd like to hear from any other teams 'in honor of chris oberle' out there.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Joe and his Mustang

Here are a few pictures from the car show in Great Bend. Joseph and his 1970 Mustang!! He won runner up in his class. He was sooo excited. Joseph drove it out there and NO problems :o) now we just have to get it painted and to my knowledge that is about it... well no, he wants new wheels, oh and get his stereo installed, oh and .... I don't think he will ever be "done" with this car. There is always something to add to it to "improve" it... but thats okay he is enjoying it. You will have to have him take you for a ride in it when you come back. Well take care.