Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tahoe Dreaming

Chris and I spent some real quality time in lake tahoe a couple weeks back. Chris' heart lives in tahoe and so do many of Chris' incredible friends.

Music and Bbqing in kings beach.

Truckee music and dancing, that means mostly eating for me.

Sunset swimming at whale beach.

Its great to be back in LA, but I already miss so many good times we had. Swimming at the boat dock with the doggies and friends, kayaking, bbqing, trails, dinner parties, and games. Also I keep expecting that everyone is going to keep showing up to check out snacks in the kitchen and help carry Chris up the stairs. All of the fun and friends has really helped to fill our souls with happiness. Missing you!

Back in LA so many more fun times and great friends await! Chris, you are really loved by so many beautiful people. Looking forward to spending time with everyone! I will be out of town off and on till Sept 12. Chris will be working hard, going to Project Walk and hoping to spend time with you.

Best to everyone,

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