Thursday, September 20, 2007

Going going...

Not gone yet! What incredible donations everyone has made!! Its so great to see how everyone wants to help Chris out however possible. Thank you!! Our fabulous auctioneer, Rita has put together a website -
- if you haven't checked it out you should. So much really great stuff, but hurry its all over by 8pm on the 26th of September. BID, BID, BID!!

I also heard there was a garage sale put on by an old friend from tahoe, Wendy Mohr. Is that right, did you raise $3600? Tell us about it!

As for the gossip on Chris, he has been working non-stop for the last month. He has been spending his days hard at work in the office and when he's not there he's commuting down to Project Walk for his three times weekly visits. Also, up until two days ago, he spent all the rest of his free time studying for his oral architecture exam.

Now that his oral exam is out of the way, Chris has a bit of room to breathe. He is really devoted to understanding what the possibilities are as far as treatments for his condition. Its a lot of work and scary decision making, but he is doing a fabulous job.

Chris brother and sister, (Monty and Carmen) are coming to visit him in LA tomorrow (friday)!! I know Chris is going to be so happy to see them. He has all kinds of plans for them while they are here, including doing a workout with him at Project Walk. Then Chris' mom comes out the week after!!! How great!

Hope to see everyone soon,

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