Sunday, November 11, 2007

ok well these are the pumpkins that the kids carved for halloween. joseph carved the von dutch skull one and the mustang emblem, madison did the scary lady face, brennan did the lil devil one and gunner did the pirate skull. they had fun doing them and they turned out pretty good. ok now the pics of the eclipse, well it looks as though josephs problems aren't quite over with cars :o) he called home friday night and said "i think we need to look for another car" I didn't know what he was getting at... i thought he had found some viper or something that he was joking about getting but then he said "i got hit" and of course with joseph you don't know if that is going to be followed up with "just joking, do ya have some money i'm hungry." but he wasn't joking, a guy ran a red light and plowed into the eclipse from the front bumper all the way to the back bumper, so it looks like its going to be totaled. he and the girl that was with him had just left starbucks and hot apple cider went all over the inside of the car and in josephs hair. so now it looks like we are going car shopping for the second time this year but this time for brennan, joseph is just going to have to pull out the mustang and drive it. we enjoyed the email you sent and hope to hear from you soon
tim and shawna oberle

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