Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jaw Dropping

You really take my breath away. Please check out this video. It shows Chris' victory, that we all share. Chris worked long and hard to get to this point, it takes all of his concentration and the use of his upper body to access any movement from his lower body. He practices every chance he gets and has far surpassed the expectations of his doctors in India.

We are all so proud of you CHRIS!!!

Much love,


nelsong said...

Holee cow! That is amazing indeed!

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you Chris. Looking really good! I think of you almost daily. Love, Cousin Jennifer

rita haudenschild said...

you have the strength + determination to move mountains. this is absolutely amazing + i know there are even greater achievements in your future....i think of you every day my friend!! with love, rita

Natalie M. said...

i am just so impressed with you. you have accomplished so much and are so brave. i watched the video and i am speechless. its an incredible thing to watch.

michelle said...

Chris O - you are a rock star! That video just made my week.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing guy! I don't know you, but my friend, Amy, is in India with you. You are an inspiration:) Keep your chin up and keep walking! YAY!


bill wagner said...

this is incredible.
see you friday!