Friday, November 30, 2007

slow walking

its been sometime since i added to the blog. i am finally taking steps. i have a pair of leg braces that keep my knees from buckling when i put weight over each leg. i am able to lift each foot by using my obiques and the muscles that run down the side of my back. it is difficult and my right leg is much easier to lift than my left. but hopefully in time they will be equal and require less effort to move. in the beginning, the trainers had me use a walker to take steps, but now i am using hand crutches. they are unstable, but if i can master them, they will be much more versatile. maybe in time i can learn how to take steps with ski poles - that would be pretty great.
i am looking forward to getting out of therapy and back to my life. i should be able to return, again, to work as soon as the 26th of dec. so, i am looking for a place. then, soon, i hope to begin the modifications to my home - nothing substantial. the necessary parts will include a ramp at the front deck, an accessible bathroom, wider doorways, lower storage for the kitchen, and an eight-person jaccuzzi tub for the front deck with built in stereo and cooler.
i am looking forward to winter and am curious how my chair will do in the snow and ice. should require some new skills. i am close to mastering getting up and down curbs and some short stairs. also i can descend long stairs pretty easily as long as there is one handrail. for sure, my chair has received quite a few new dents and scrapes. i hope it last me the seven years that the insurance companies require before allowing funds for a new one. i am trying to find a cheap, beater chair for doing everyday chores. in the meanwhile, i just need to be alittle more careful. and, who knows maybe researchers will discover that, so far, elusive procedure for repairing spinal chords. and we will have a huge fairwell party for my chair, where everyone gets three swings at my four-wheeled friend. you will all be invited.
best, chris.

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rita haudenschild said...

you are so funny. you better invite me to check out that jacuzzi!
with love,